Pacman repository

The repo contains a variety of packages, mostly my own software and AUR builds.

I mantain "any" and "x86_64" repos. "x86_64" includes packages from "any". "$arch" can be replaced by both.

Server =$arch

All packages are signed and can be verified using my PGP public key 0x17DAB671.



adwaita-qt5-git (version 1.4.1.r29.g0a77436-1)
A style to bend Qt5 applications to look like they belong into GNOME Shell, git version
adwaita-qt6-git (version 1.4.1.r29.g0a77436-1)
A style to bend Qt6 applications to look like they belong into GNOME Shell, git version
adwaita-qt-git-debug (version 1.4.1.r29.g0a77436-1)
Detached debugging symbols for adwaita-qt-git
aura-bin (version 3.2.9-1)
A secure package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR - Prebuilt binary
aura-bin-debug (version 3.2.9-1)
Detached debugging symbols for aura-bin
clipman (version 1.6.4-1)
A simple clipboard manager for Wayland
clipman-debug (version 1.6.4-1)
Detached debugging symbols for clipman
droidcam-dkms-git-debug (version v2.1.2.r149.add5733-2)
Detached debugging symbols for droidcam-dkms-git
droidcam-dkms-git (version v2.1.2.r149.add5733-2)
A tool for using your android device as a wireless/usb webcam (DKMS)
jbig2enc (version 0.29-5)
A JBIG2 image encoder
jbig2enc-debug (version 0.29-5)
Detached debugging symbols for jbig2enc
moar (version 1.25.1-1)
A pager designed to just do the right thing without any configuration.
moar-debug (version 1.25.1-1)
Detached debugging symbols for moar
nomino (version 1.3.5-1)
Batch rename utility for developers
nomino-debug (version 1.3.5-1)
Detached debugging symbols for nomino
ocrodjvu-python3-git (version 0.12-3)
Python 3 port of ocrodjvu. ocrodjvu is a wrapper for OCR systems, that allows you to perform OCR on DjVu files.
python-djvulibre (version 0.8.8-1)
A set of Python bindings for the DjVuLibre library
python-djvulibre-debug (version 0.8.8-1)
Detached debugging symbols for python-djvulibre
r-renv (version 1.0.6-1)
A dependency management toolkit for R
serve-d (version 0.7.6-1)
Microsoft language server protocol implementation for D using workspace-d
serve-d-debug (version 0.7.6-1)
Detached debugging symbols for serve-d
symlinks (version 1.4.3-3)
Scan and change symbolic links
symlinks-debug (version 1.4.3-3)
Detached debugging symbols for symlinks
wintoggle (version 3.0.3-1)
A simple window focus toggler
wintoggle-debug (version 3.0.3-1)
Detached debugging symbols for wintoggle
wtype-git (version 0.4.r0.gd71be3a-1)
xdotool type for wayland
wtype-git-debug (version 0.4.r0.gd71be3a-1)
Detached debugging symbols for wtype-git


adw-gtk3 (version 5.3-2)
The theme from libadwaita ported to GTK-3
debtap (version 3.5.1-1)
A script to convert .deb packages to Arch Linux packages, focused on accuracy. Do not use it to convert packages that already exist on official repositories or can be built from AUR!
dpsprep-git (version 2.2.4-1)
A DjVu to PDF converter with a focus on small output size and the ability to preserve document outlines and text layers
hunspell-bg (version
Bulgarian dictionary for Hunspell
mastodon (version 4.2.10-1)
Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community
nodenv (version 1.4.0-1)
Manage multiple NodeJS versions
nodenv-node-build (version 5.3.4-1)
Install NodeJS versions
numbat (version 1.12.0-1)
A statically typed programming language for scientific computations with first class support for physical dimensions and units
numbat-debug (version 1.12.0-1)
Detached debugging symbols for numbat
ocrmypdf (version 16.4.1-1)
A tool to add an OCR text layer to scanned PDF files, allowing them to be searched
python-diffimg (version 0.3.0-1)
Get the % difference in images + generate a diff image
python-fpdf2 (version 2.7.9-1)
Simple PDF generation for Python
python-imgdiff (version 1.7.1-1)
Compare two images side-by-side
python-jupytext (version 1.16.2-1)
Jupyter notebooks as Markdown documents, Julia, Python or R scripts
python-postfix-policyd-spf (version 2.0.2-5)
Python Postfix Sender Policy Framework (SPF) filter
python-pyspf (version 2.0.14-4)
Python implementation of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) protocol
python-pytest-image-diff (version 0.0.11-1)
pytest helps for compare images and regression
python-types-fpdf2 (version
Typing stubs for fpdf2
python-types-pillow (version
Typing stubs for Pillow
python-unicodeit (version 0.7.5-2)
Converts LaTeX tags to unicode
searchtool-gtk (version 1.3.0-2)
A generic GTK search tool and launcher
searchtool-gtk-debug (version 1.3.0-2)
Detached debugging symbols for searchtool-gtk
unicodeit-gtk (version 1.2.2-2)
A GTK IME popup for entering symbols via (La)TeX