Pacman repository

The repo contains a variety of packages, mostly my own software and AUR builds.

I mantain "any" and "x86_64" repos. "x86_64" includes packages from "any". "$arch" can be replaced by both.

Server =$arch

All packages are signed and can be verified using my PGP public key 0x17DAB671.



aura-bin (version 3.2.5-1)
A secure package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR - Prebuilt binary
clipman (version 1.6.0-1)
A simple clipboard manager for Wayland
pfqueue (version 0.5.6-1)
A console-based program to handle MTA (postfix,exim) queues interactively
pup-bin (version 0.4.0-1)
Parsing HTML at the command line
symlinks (version 1.4.3-3)
Scan and change symbolic links
wintoggle (version 3.0.3-1)
A simple window focus toggler
xournalpp-git (version 1.1.0.r45.gf41f7e3df-1)
Xournal++ is a handwriting Notetaking software with PDF annotation support. Supports Pen input like Wacom Tablets.


firefox-extension-user-agent-switcher (version 1.4.1-1)
Firefox extension to override the browser's User-Agent string
fisher (version 4.3.0-1)
A package manager for the fish shell
hunspell-bg (version 4.3-2)
Bulgarian dictionary for Hunspell
hunspell-ru (version 20200604-3)
Russian hunspell dictionary
jupyter-metakernel (version 0.27.5-1)
A Jupyter/IPython kernel template.
jupyter-octave_kernel (version 0.32.0-3)
A Jupyter kernel for Octave
neovim-symlinks (version 4-1)
Runs neovim if vi or vim is called
nodenv (version 1.4.0-1)
Manage multiple NodeJS versions
nodenv-node-build-git (version 4.9.52.r3.g09f6dd37-1)
Install NodeJS versions
pyls-mypy (version 0.1.8-2)
A Mypy plugin for the python language server
python-postfix-policyd-spf (version 2.0.2-3)
Python Postfix Sender Policy Framework (SPF) filter
python-pydns (version 3.2.1-1)
A module for looking up DNS entries in Python applications
python-pyspf (version 2.0.14-2)
Python implementation of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) protocol
rss2email (version 3.13.1-1)
A tool for delivering news from RSS feeds to your email program